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Who is keeping your school child safe?

A recent story about an Arkansas school superintendent who wants to arm teachers alarmed many. Here is another approach you are the among the first to hear about.

Tim Norton, president of Danville, Virginia based Norhurst Tactical and a US Army “Tactical Defense” expert, together with his fellow military veterans, has developed a proactive, weaponless system that will protect teachers and children from bullets, fire and flying storm debris.

The Norhurst Tactical system is patented, trademarked and federally-tested and approved. It includes a unique PAK-Jacket™, Blast Board™, and Ballistic Desk™ along with a smart phone app that silently signals the location of a threat and instantaneously feeds video and audio information directly to police and other security specialists. This comprehensive, unique system includes training for teachers about emergency communication and procedures based on the layout of their specific school.

Below are the links to brief National SHELTR™ Program videos.

The first 4-minute video below will grab you by the heart. It provides testimonials from teachers, school administrators and police who have been through the SHELTR™ program. The second is an overview of the program. Both bear watching if you want the scoop on a breaking story.

Program Training
SHELTR Training℠ Testimonials:

SHELTR™ Program:

The SHELTR Training℠ team consists of hundreds of US military veterans who have developed a complete school safety solution called SHELTR™ (School Hazard – Emergency – Lethal Threat – Response). The SHELTR™ Program is a TOTAL school safety solution designed to protect children, teachers and staff in schools across America The SHELTR™ Program was designed to create a common language so that educators, administrators, law enforcement, emergency services, and government can communicate effectively regardless of their geographic location. The SHELTR™ program is made up in 4 parts:

1. SHELTR Training℠ – The training program is an on-site training course designed specifically for each individual school. The training provides teachers, school administrators, cafeteria employees, maintenance staff and grounds keepers with training tools and techniques in which to keep their school safe. These tools and techniques are meant to show how to create daily security routines, “LOOK” for things that are out of the norm, “REPORT” incidents in a timely and accurate manner, and “RESPOND” if their campus becomes engaged by a threat or emergency.
2. Personal Protective and Defensive Products - Supporting the SHELTR Training℠ are Tactical Defensive Products (PAK-Jacket™, Blast Board™, Ballistic Desk™)
3. Mobile Application - SHELTR Vision™ is a “State of the Art” smart phone mobile application designed to allow teachers and staff to provide “REAL TIME” situational information to Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, and EMS.
4. National School Safety Organization – Educators National School Safety Association™ (ENSSA™) was developed to be a National repository and communication portal for all things related to school safety. ENNSA™ promotes school safety thru the dissemination of current “Best Practice” information and communication of experiences and ideas via blog and social media venues.

To take the burden from Federal and State school system budgets having to fund SHELTR Training℠ as well as provide defensive products for schools across America, we are working with Corporate America to provide this total school safety solution

These sponsors are able to provide “Immediate” Tax Deductible Donations for the Training and Defensive products to schools and school systems through their Not For Profit Organization (NPO).

This is an exciting opportunity for corporate organizations to take part in National School Safety and to be a part of this total School Safety Solution. Corporate sponsors are able to choose the schools or school districts which they would like to sponsor. Norhurst Tactical coordinates with School boards for approval, scheduling and incorporating local police into the process. Police involvement is a key attribute of the system.

Call or email me to schedule an interview with Tim Norton. He is a dynamic, straight talking security expert concerned about proactively protecting our schoolchildren without having to resort to arming teachers.

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Director of Public Affairs
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