First Responder Courses

Preparing for a Crisis - Situational Awareness

There are many possible crises school administrators might face during their career. From possible tornados, fires, fights, or even lethal threats, this course helps develop an understanding of the applicable safety precautions given each scenario, while performing school duties.

Situational Leadership & Effective Crisis Management

During a crisis or disaster, chaos is likely to ensue. This course will teach participants a basic understanding of their managerial and leadership role and responsibility in directing, coaching, supporting and delegating people to assume additional duties and responsibilities.

Basic First Aid & Life Support

Based on curriculum of the American Heart Association (AHA), this course will consist of both didactic training as well as hands on training covering the conditions of cardiac arrest, choking, shock, bleeding and drowning.

Advanced First Aid & Lifesaver Course

This advanced first-aid course provides the individual with instruction utilizing the National Safety Council lesson plans and material. This period of instruction is a comprehensive course covering all emergency and other first aid situations that may be encountered. Topics include checking for breathing, bleeding, shock, fractures and other injuries, as well as performing first aid for different wounds around the body.

Basic Triage

Basic triage is usually used in a scene of an accident or "mass-casualty incident" (MCI), in order to sort patients into those who need critical attention and immediate transport to the hospital and those with less serious injuries.